Amrutha - Evari Maata Vinadhu

Amrutha - Evari Maata Vinadhu 2022

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Rahul is the son of a minister who loves a girl named Amrita. The girl trusts him completely. Accepts his love too. Apart from Rahul, another boy also loves her but she is inclined towards Rahul's love. With the reputation of Rahul's father, he tries to kill Amrita by having her raped by his men. .A girl named Harini loves a boy named Bharat. But Harini's father rejects the marriage as it is an inter-caste marriage. They both get up and get married. After a few days, Harini comes to her father. Her enraged father kills her. He goes to jail. Amrita is furious and waits for an opportunity. Similarly, Ganga, wife of Minister, got tired of her husband's behavior and killed him .Ganga takes Amrita's love pays off and she likes get married


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