BARI 2023

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Hero Mallikarjun loves cockfighting. But Mallikarjuna's mother scolds him for imvolving in these fights. Because of those cockfights, and serious circumstances, Mallikarjuna's father sells all of his farms and falls into debt. He fears that Mallikarjun will also fall into the madness of cockfighting and gets his life ruined. Mallikarjuna's batch of friends in the same town would bet high costs for cock fight and Mallikarjuna would lose to them every time. Mallikarjun and Tulsi are in love with each other . Tulsi tells him to give up in cockfights and find a good job for a better life but Mallikarjuna denies it. Mallikarjuna accidentally gets a fighter cock from Kodi Kathi Suri Farm House, who is a big bully in that area. Mallikarjun thinks that he should take the cock and win the match by the next day. But the cock will be missing by morning. Reaching this news to the ears of Kodi Kathi Suri , be ties up Mallikarjun in his mango grove and beats him close to death. He says , he wants that cock which costs five lakhs or the money of five lakhs. Kodi Kathi suri also threatens Mallikarjun's father on this case and warns on his survival. He also gives Mallikarjuna another chance to survive only if he gets his sister married to his fellow mate , if you do as he says then he doesn't want five lakh money or the cock, at the end Mallikarjuna agrees to that under the wrong circumstances. Due to a big mistake he made his younger sister get married to suri's fellow mate.


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