Dandu Telugu Movie
Dandu Telugu Movie
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Dandu Telugu Movie 2020

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The movie is based on a real life incident in Raichur in the 1990s regarding a criminal lawyer who committed 197 murders. The incidents took place in Raichur from 1970 to 1990. Mare Gowda, who was working as criminal lawyer, committed 197 murders in the span of 20 years and he was not arrested for single case. He started his criminal activity from some personal issue and later turned into a professional killer for 20 years. "I am from Raichur and I have seen some of the incidents involving Mare Gowda. Sridhar Peddi plays Mare Gowda in the movie. Saikumar, who won the hearts of Sandalwood audience by playing poster-master role in Rangi Tharanga, plays a policeman in this film -this is his 201st film. Dandu team has worked really hard to give the film a realistic look. The movie also has Neeraj Sham, Neha Saxena, Disha Poovaiah, Raghu Babu, Tulasi, Delhi Rajeswari, Goutam Raju, Raghunath Reddy, Thriller Manju and Radha Krishna in the cast. Fights were composed by Thriller Manju and Satish Reddy. power packed Action and Family drama movie. A film by Megoti Sanjeev


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