Jathiya Rahadari

Jathiya Rahadari 2022

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Seethalu and ramulu live in a small village .. They have a son Saidulu the boy likes a goat. Ramu borrows one lakh of rupees from his hometown and goes to Hyderabad to work. Lookdown will be charged after leaving. Ramu travels back home due to lack of work .. Ramu who is walking gets tired and sleeps on the side of the road. A man walking towards him takes a photo of Rams dead and posts it on Facebook. The executioners know that Ramu is dead with carona. The police know about this and Sitalu and Saidulu are quarantined. Leaving Hyderabad for her husband. Police stop Ramu on the way, Ramu escapes from police Sitalu was not allowed to go to the city by the police. Ishwar and malli are two lovers from the village come to Hyderabad. There is a hotel in the lockdown. On the way, Sitalu sees Ishwari's body buried in the sand and sees Malli walking home. Malli is waiting for Ishwari without knowing about Ishwari died. Sita is waiting for her husband.


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