Kasi Vs Love

Kasi Vs Love 2021

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Vinay (Hero Chinna) returns to the village from the city after completing his education.Vinay loves farming...Vinay convinced to anty and uncle for forming... Vinay sees a girl (heroine Sandhya Dhyan) walking towards the farm with his friends. When friends are asked who the girl is, friends say about the girl ... that girl is Kasi (Kiran Kumar) .. Kashi is the rowdy. he rules the forest and the village. Seeing Kasi, hearing the name makes the child tremble from old to old. When he finds out about Kashi, Vinay decides to love Sudhipati. Vinay likes Challenges by itself. Vinay and Sudeepti fall in love deeply ... Kasi finds about love...he decided tokill Vinay....kasi searcing for vinay but not seen.kasi kills vinay friends,Vinay goes to Kasi angry. Kashi and Vinay get into a fight .. kasi win? Has pure love won? Which won? This is the Kashi vs. Love movie


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