Little stars
Little stars
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Little stars 2022

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Taslim, Nikhitha, Divija, Sony, Sresta, Harsha and Charan are close friends who are of same school, among them Taslim is the poor girl and her father maintains a small road side business to survive. Unexpectedly in their lives due to globalization and road widening they will lose their livelihood and they won?t have money to start new business, so Taslim's father don?t have any other chance except leaving that place, so he plans of going to Bangaluru as daily labour. Taslim's friends came to know that Taslim's family had gone to Bangaluru and they plan of getting her back to study with them by providing any business opportunity to her father, to provide that they need minimum Rs. 25,000/- that too in a short period of time[summer holidays], they have to earn it. In that process what are the struggles they have faced, plans to earn money and finally whether they have reached their goal or not? And how they stood as an inspiration for others and how they got appreciated by all others is the brief story of 'LITTLE STARS'


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