Okkade 1

Okkade 1 2023

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The story starts with the murder of a businessman's family in CT... The police department appoints a special officer named Venkanna from Mumbai to catch those responsible for the murder.... Venkanna comes to Hyderabad and takes charge and starts investigating the case... During the investigation of the case, it comes to know that Guna is the reason for all this... That increases the pressure on Venkanna from the higher officers and also from the Home Minister to arrest Guna... But the honest Venkanna ignores these and tells them that he will arrest him only if there is proper evidence... At the same time, another merchant is murdered... Venkanna goes to investigate and comes to know that the murder was also done by Guna's men... Venkanna gets proper evidence and goes to arrest Guna... But in the fight there, Venkanna kills Guna... Guna dies. Senior officers and Hume Minister all feel happy.. But everyone gets shocked when they know that Guna is not dead but alive... Venkanna starts investigation again... On one occasion Hari Guna's assistant is taking videos of Guna's men and escapes as Guna's men are chasing him and calls Venkanna... When Venkanna goes to look for Hari, Hari, who is already injured by Guna's men, is out of breath and says that all this happened because of the Home Minister... So the Home Minister calls Guna. Guna comes to him... Heum plans to kill minister Venkanna and Guna kidnaps Heum who comes to Guna... Venkanna comes there and says that Guna died sometime.. Now the one who is in Vadi's place is Rana who is Vadi's twin brother... In the fight there The story ends with Venkanna killing Rani and the Home Minister...


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