Petromax Panchayatis

Petromax Panchayatis 2022

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A village..... Is not just about greenery. A village..... Is not just about love It includes dangerous thoughts It will have its own game plan Panchayathi is..... Not just for providing justice to a victim Panchayathi is ...... Not just for relieving a victim's pain There could be some useless panchayathis There could be petromax panchayatis No difference in the way of life even if it is today or 50 years back. There are more people who are being crushed between good and bad, love and hate... Characters in this will be making us laugh, will be explaining evil thoughts, will be showing ideas over plans as a game plans.Come let us watch that whose pain it is or who's the justice. And will see who is inno cent and who is not....Watch and decide yourself if it is a panchayathi of love? or panchayathi of petromax?


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