Dhayyam Guddidaithe
Dhayyam Guddidaithe
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Dhayyam Guddidaithe 2021

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A man named Bhanu is in America and he has two friends named Dharmenders Vijay who are both from India Will remain in. Bhanu has a royal cave in India. Buy it and buy an estate in America Thinks. He tells Dharmendra to sell the grain but there is a ghost in the house. Who go inside that house Come to my fear. Who will come forward to buy that cave. Bhanu Ammamani Bhanu, Dharmender? Anta with it anyway Do. Ghost says he sells the house, but Ramalingam says he's not the one, but he's a ghost. Takes Dharmendra to Rest. We will give them a certificate whether there is a ghost in Ajay & Branchville Isn't. Mani goes home and stays there. The ghost does not appear. It hurts to be told about injustice. An Occident to Watchmen's Daughter Lakshmita One day Bhanu takes Vijay to his royal cave where he loses his eyes and goes blind. Vijay sees Lakshmi and wants her. Who knows if Bhanu will come up with a plan and rape Lakshmi Yakundapati is laid. It is as if he were leaving the house after sacrificing those who killed him unjustly On hearing this, a batch of Vijay's get upset and say that they will help Lakshmi. Vijay is trapped and taken to the archive Lakshmi kills him. Everyone says that Ramalingam will also help in that .. Ghost says that Bhanu got a good NRI party. They say that they will give Kate a certificate that there is no ghost too. Come to India soon. Dharmendra, Bhanu Royal Will come. By the time the registration takes place Lakshmi comes and kills Bhanu too. He has peace of mind. Thanks to everyone. He talks to his father and leaves this world.


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