Film Maker

A one Stop destination for South Indian "Indie Film Makers". URVASI OTT is here to Support Indie Film Makers
who can generate content for URVASI OTT.

Q. 1. How we do it:?
Ans.: We support the Film Maker / Director in several ways.

Pre Production : Our Direction Dept will support the the aspiring Producer / Director and make the Story/Dialogs/Screen play
                           Suitable for Current Viewer Market.

Production: In production our Production team will help the Director / Producer in CASTING, Music,makeup, Costumes, Locations etc and 
                     Camera & Technical Crew Selection. 

Post-Production: Once filming is over Complete Post Production work will be done at our associate Studio Facility (in-House).
Publicity: Publicity and designs will be taken care . New media campain will be taken care.

Positioning:: Upon the out-come of the Movie (1st-copy) desition will be taken by Producer / URVASI Productions after thourough evaluation
in all aspects a desition will be taken for Theatrical release or URVASI OTT Release.

We expect Directors/Producers come prepared with trendy subjects meeting the market demands.
Just drop your details mail to :  or whatsapp: +91 9494106888