Gandikota Rahasyam 2023

Gandikota Rahasyam 2023 2023

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The movie 'Gandikota Yarasam' is made as a comedy and suspense thriller. Raja Bahadur, a royal family, has lost his only granddaughter and places an advertisement in the paper for the where abouts of the grand daughter. But he doesn't have a photo of his grand daughter. So he wears blue jeans and a red t-shirt and makes an announcement as if he is going out of the house. He announces one crore rupees to those who reveal the whereabouts. Based on that statement, the four boys make a plan to somehow get that amount. Four girls wearing blue jeans and red t-shirt are kidnapped. As this matter comes out, the police intervene and start an inquiry about the four kidnapped girls. Was Raja Bahadur's grand daughter among the kidnapped girls? If so, what is the condition of the other three girls? is the plot of the film.


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