Psycho Short Film
Psycho Short Film
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Psycho Short Film 2022

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An happy married electrician is busy in romance with his wife. One day he received a call from a girl regarding TV repair. He gets ready and goes to her given address. As he knocks on the door he sees a beautiful young girl in front. That girl told him to repair the TV. As the electrician repair TV he sees something suspicious behind the curtain. As he goes to remove that curtain he sees a man with a hammer. He fears to see the hidden man behind the curtain. That hidden man was a psycho. The psycho man force that electrician to have sex with his wife. Then the electrician get ready to have sex with the psycho wife in fear. After sex the electrician beg to him to release. They refused him to go out. They blackmail him and ask to call his(electrician) wife. After sometime he calls his wife. His wife comes to the given address. As the electrician wife came he got surprise and fear. Then the psycho man force the electrician to have cross sex. He force him to do have sex with his wife again. And do sex with electrician's wife. Both the fear couple(electrician and his wife) get successful to run away from the psycho man's house. Content Rating : A-Under Adult Supervisory


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